dinsdag 29 januari 2013

Hello we are !

After a long talk and a good brainstorm session, we decided to not only talk about it, but actually do something about ! So John ( Dj Nexes ) and I ( Danny ) together with Fyona came up with the name Audio Unknown, because we make lot's of Audio but the music style was still Unknown .. 

We don't want to be put in a box .. surely this track can be put in this music box, and that track in that box, but we like to keep it open ... it's just one music style : HOUSE ! 

Studio No. 98 worked hard on a logo and this is the first version that came out ..

On February 17th we will attend the Dancefair in Utrecht and their we will take our 2 demo tracks to the Demo Feedback Lounge ... OMG, exciting !

Although John and I are not new to the music game, this stuff is all new and we are building something from scratch together with Fyona .. so this is real exciting ! 

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